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Can I be stylish ANNND warm? Let's find out!

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New Beginnings…

For the past few weeks, my incredibly creative PR-minded sister and I have been coming up with ways to revamp ‘ckstayingwarm’.  The biggest change I wanted to make was to keep my blog relevant to whatever is going on in my life.  Not simply adapting to the winter weather in Pittsburgh, but adapting to all of those major changes in a twenty-something’s life.   In addition, I wanted to open my blog up for collaborations with my fabulous sister, Margaret.  She is also a twenty-something and like me, trying to figure out her life.  To us, it’s so important to have a place where we can both express ourselves creatively. 

With that in mind, I’m so happy to announce LYCLY: Love Your Clothes, Love Yourself (click HERE to be redirected to my new blog!!).  I hope you enjoy it as much as I already do. 

This new medium keeps my love of clothes in the forefront but also will talk more about my life and daily experiences.  For the past few years, I have been in a time full of change, transition, and big choices.  I’ve been making discoveries about myself and learning a lot about how I want my life to be.  I think that it is so important to love yourself and love what you are doing on a daily basis – which sometimes can be pretty hard.  While I don’t think loving your clothes is mutually exclusive with loving your life (or yourself), I find that my clothes are a great way to express how I’m feeling at the moment; tough, vulnerable, romantic, hardcore, professional, artistic, etc.  My outfits reflect how my life is constantly changing – one look in my sock drawer will show you how drastically my life has transformed from even just last year. 

For the past seven months, ckstayingwarm has been a wonderful place to express myself and my personal style and I’m so excited to continue this journey with you through LYCLY.

Love Your Clothes, Love Yourself. 


To see more of this outfit (and those awesome shoes!!!!), click on through to my new blog!

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In the trenches…

Since moving to Pittsburgh, I’ve been incredibly thankful for my trench coat.  It’s appropriate for every occasion - from work to saturday errands - and not to mention perfect for those chilly drizzly mornings when a real coat would just be too much but you def need SOMETHING to cut the wet.  

Mine is a classic version from London Fog.  I got it years ago from Burlington Coat Factory curtsey of my mom and her insisting that “every woman needs a classic trench coat” (the older I get the more I realize how right my mom always is).  

Since I’ve determined just how integral this coat is in my wardrobe, I’ve been lusting over the Burberry versions (go big or go home right?).   Their spring collection is just to die for (neon! leather sleeves! studs! EXPENSIVE!).  

Since it will be years and years until I can afford my own Burberry treasure, I’ve been looking into ways to revamp my classic trench.  Yesterday, I was inspired by this Japanese Vogue cover: 

Adding a thick statement belt turned out to be the easiest way possible to update my trench.  This is how it turned out:

I paired it with leopard and red accents - some big earrings and a bun added to the lady-with-an-attitude vibe.  

What do you guys think? Does it work well or is it a lame attempt at ‘runway to real life’?

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We’re more than halfway through now.  :) 


trench: london fog, belt: forever 21, scarf: francesca’s, dress: target, blazer: limited, tights: hue, shoes: steve madden, earrings and sunnies: gift. 

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A quick one…

Just time for a quick post as I run to class!  Hope you are having a fabulous day!


pants: gap, shirt, cuff, and sweater: h&m, belt: forever 21, booties: crap - some super cheap store like wet seal but not wet seal, necklace: street vendor in italy, headband: Etizzle’s closet, sunnies: gift.

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Back to it…

I had a fabulous weekend full of happy hour Blue Moons, late night dancing (and gyros mmmm), shopping with girlfriends, wine waxing and laughter (don’t ask), an amazing brunch with my brother and his girlfriend, phone calls with some of my long-distance BFFs, sleeping in late both days, a wonderful OCD-full-on cleaning of my apartment (so satisfying), and watching the amazing Game of Thrones premiere with some other die-hard fans. 

You may notice that homework was not on that list at all - which is why I’m ready to tackle my week!  Lots to do…which is just the way I like it. 

Speaking of lots to do, I wore this outfit last week after work to hit the library.  The weather has been kind of chilly with random warm/hot patches.  To combat the schizophrenic temps, I’ve taken to wearing a ton of comfy layers…comfy being key - especially when I’m going to hit the books.

I can’t get over how pretty the flowering trees are here! You can see an awesome fushia one in the waaaaay background.  The petals float all over when the breeze blows by - and the ground looks covered in pale confetti. I feel like I definitely earned this Spring (even though EVERYONE keeps telling me we ‘skipped’ winter this year…yeah, yeah, I’m a wimp).  ;)

Exciting things to come this week on the blog!  I’ll keep you posted as things unfold.



jeans: wet seal, tee: organic cotton from tj maxx, hoodie: mossomo from target, jacket: arden b, scarf: my sister’s talented knitting skills, boots: jessica simpson, bag: francesca’s, sunnies: gift.

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Bringing it back…

I used to wear this head scarf ALL the time in college.  Any given night of the week, you could find me and Goblet down at the Tavern - me usually in this head scarf, a bright sun dress, and my cowboy boots - Gaby always in something super fabulous with 6 inch heels.  We would typically be dancing (and singing) to country songs, Journey, hardcore rap, or Hanson (which for some reason was always on the Tavern playlist) and drinking watered down beer.  Siiigggghhh - the good ol’ days. 

Since this headscarf was also a present from Gaby for surviving ‘Terrible Tuesday’ (I’ll tell you that story another time), it brings up some fantastic and truly terrible hilarious memories. 

This week, I decided I was bringing this headscarf back.  It’s the perfect way to add a little glam to a grunged up outfit and cover-up a bad hairday.  I paired it with some bejeweled flats for a quick trip to the mall for some much needed spring shoe shopping. 

Wait until you see the turquoise heels I bought - AHHH mazing. 

Happy Friday everyone! We made it!



jeans: sorority jean sale, jacket: cabi, tank: forever 21, flats: (old), head scarf: gift from the Goblet.  

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Une femme…

There’s nothing that makes me feel more feminine than polka dots, lace, and a flouncy skirt.  Since the weather has been kind of schizophrenic up here, I added this spring coat to keep the chill away. 

I love the muted paisly - and how there is a burst of neon in the lining. 

I added some color with my rose purse and some bright lipstick.  Pearls keep up with the lady-like theme. 

These ruffled shoes always make me want to dance…or at least strut around a bit.  My dancing is better left unphotographed, as my sister got all the dancing/coordination genes out of us three siblings (Matt you know this is true). 

But I can still TWIRL!!!

Sooo happy it’s Thursday, bring on the weekend already.  :)



skirt and top: zara, shoes: (old), pearls: burrlington coat factory, purse: gift, coat: 3 sisters (gift).

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Insta-blog: Some fun pictures I’ve taken in the past week or two.

1. My outfit today - black and blue (shirt and sweater: h&m, necklace: francesca’s)

2. Celebrating my brother’s birthday with margarita’s!

3. Reflections on the water at my Dad’s farm.

4. The warm weather already seems like a memory (shorts and tee: forever 21, bag: francesca’s, sunnies: gift)

5. Oh yes we did! Girls vrs Boys bowling night - who had the more creative names?

6. Fake eyelashes for the win!

7. Rainy day style with mud colors and chains (jacket: michael by michael kors, sweater: h&m, necklace: ann taylor loft)

8. The best part of living in Pittsburgh’s Little Italy is having the best pizza right outside your front door. 

Happy Humpday everyone!  We’re half way there :)


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The day before humpday…is pre-humpday?

I wore this over the weekend, before the weather returned to it’s regularly scheduled programming and I had to pull my winter coat back out (siggggh).  I seriously love the mix of colors and patterns here though - for someone who has been traditionally afraid of animal prints, I really have embraced them now. 

Although I definitely have on my ‘bored face’, I think these pants are anything but boring.  I’ve paired them with basics (and not-so-basic skulls) before, here and here and here oh and here and even here (man I’ve worn these pants a lot!).  But I love how springy the mix of patterns make them look in this outfit. 

The gold zipper down the back of this tee is one of my favorite details!

These wedges are awesome - but sooooooo sooooo sooo uncomfortable. Like oh-my-god-my-foot-bones-might-be-breaking-this-is-ALMOST-not-worth-how-cute-these-shoes-are-please-ryan-gosling-save-me-with-your-beauty kind of uncomfortable.  The only time I can wear them is when I plan on driving to my destination, parking extremely close, and doing plenty of sitting. 

But man…they are SO CUTE. 

I wanted to give you a close-up of the necklace I was wearing - it’s hard to tell in the pictures.  My grandfather bought this for my grandmother when he was traveling overseas. 

It still has the picture of them inside the locket - making it one of my absolutely favorite pieces. 

It’s always nice to keep family close to your heart.  Happy Tuesday everyone!


jeans: thrifted, top: h&m, shoes: sam edleman, belt: j crew, purse: miami somewhere, sunnies: gift, locket: from my grandmother.

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Getting a little personal…

I am a smart girl.  I excel in logic.  I can argue either side of an issue, and I bet by the end I can make you agree with me.

On the flip side, I am a hopeless romantic (emphasis on hopeless).  I listen to my heart over my head Every…Single…Time.  I put myself out there more than I ‘should’.  I usually give people more chances then they logically deserve.  I see things through to the bitter end because I hold out hope things will work out.    

I believe that the right person can overcome the worst circumstances.  I believe that if you care about someone, you will help them follow their dreams, whatever they may be, and wherever they may take them…even if it’s away from you.  I believe that people are generally good, and that our flaws - those sometimes ugly parts of us - do not define all of who we are but make us more interesting. 

I believe that doing what makes you happy is always worth it – and that you should never make a decision based on fear.  I believe that the fear of suffering is always worse than the suffering itself. 

I’m definitely not perfect – I mess things up just as much as the next person; I worry about making the right choices; I make the wrong ones; I get depressed when things don’t work out.  I’m sure my friends and family would rather I listen to my head (and them) more, especially since they have to listen to my tears first hand when things don’t work out.   

But I will continue to listen to my heart.  Even if people think it’s stupid, even if sometimes I KNOW I’m being stupid, even if it ends up hurting. 

By listening to my heart instead of my head, I have probably given myself more trouble than if I ‘played it safe’.  When you look at it that way, it’s definitely not so logical.  But you know what? I have lived much more deeply, learned so much…and have absolutely no regrets.  

pants: super old from macy’s, top: h&m, necklace and bangle forever 21, wedges: steve madden, purse: francesca’s, scarf: target, sunnies and earrings: gift.

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I couldn’t understand why I woke up in the morning and pulled this awesome outfit right out of my closet without any true thought about how I was going to put it together.   I figured it was just my own spring-style-amazingness.

Then, later, when I was looking through my pins, I realized that I pinned pretty much this exact same outfit on Pinterest the day before (and proceeded to eat some humble pie). 


The blazer and animal print belt were my touch…and I also busted out this awesome starburst-sun-flava-flav-esque necklace I thrifted a while back (awesome right??!). 

But all-in-all?  I owe this outfit to this uber stylish chic via Pinterest.  Thank you ‘J’s every day fashion’, for helping me make it to work on time (for once!).  

Happy Friday everyone!



skirt: forever 21, shirt: h&m, necklace and blazer: thrifted, pumps: steve madden, sunnies: gift.